Arulmigu Bhavani Sangameshwarar Temple- Deities

          Raja Gopuram (Primary Tower) of the Temple is facing north. Kottai (Fort) Vinayagar and Kottai (Fort) Anjaneyar appear at the side of the Tower in the front. Behind the Tower, Raja Vinayagar at the western side and Muthukumarswamy at the Eastern side are also there. Then at the Western side, the temples of Adhikesava Perumal and Soundaravalli Goddess are lying. Between them, Yoga Lakshmi Narasimhar Sannathi lies.Venugopal Swamy Sannathi is at the Northern side of Ranga Mantap.Apart from Sangameswarar Sannithi, there are also other Sannithis for the Gods like Murugan, Adhi Kesava Perumal, Soundaravalli Thayar, Goddesses Vedhanayaki, Deities like Raja Ganapathi, Muthukumaraswami alies Kalyana Subramaniar, Jothilingam, Kasi Viswanathar, Visalakshi, Amirthalingam, Lakshmii Narasimhar and Jeshtadevi are lying here

          In front of Adhikesava Perumal, Soundaravalli Goddess Sannithii, there is a Mantap. The deities and sculptures of Ram, Lakshman, Sita, Hanuman and others at the three sides of this Mantap and other sculptures like Rajalakshmi, Dasavatharam, Crowning of Ram attract not only the eyes but also the hearts of every one.

          Vedhanayaki Temple lies on. The sculptured Hall in this temple has various attractive sculptures. The Cavalry fighters against Elephants and Cheetah fighters are having significance. Pouring water on the "Laughing Statue" looks like the statue is laughing.

          Sri Shanmuga Subramaniar alies Murugan Temple lies on. Arunagirinathar, the great poet, has sung admiring the God Muruga in his "THIRUPUGAZH". Near to this, Jurahareswarar Sannithi. The physically handicapped persons pray to this God and get fast relief and recovery. The pond near thee Eastern Compound is called "Suriya Theetham". The pond near the Gayathri Lingam is named "Gayathri Theertham".

          Sixty Three Nayanmars who worshipped the lord siva in a worshipping postures and praised the lord in religious songs such as Thevaram, Thiruvasagam

          The Architectural and iconographical feature of Lord Dakshinamoorthy (Sannathi) shrine facing in the side of south Above the shrine of melthala two mono lithic stone chain with five rings on both sides of shrine. It is a rare piece in architectural feature in south India.

God Sangameshwarar and goddess Vedanayaki in pancha loka idles.

Saint Veda Viyasa in a standing posture in a pillar who wrote mahabaratha.

          Amirtha Lingam who gives blenings to the couple to get children. The Holy and Beautiful view of Amirthalingam temple