Arulmigu Bhavani Sangameshwarar Temple - Festivals

          13 days Car festival in the Tamil Month Chithirai (April-May) and this is the most famous of the temple attracting lakhs of devotees. Also on Adiperukku day, Amavasyas, especially Thai Aamavasya, eclipse days are devotionally followed in Bhavani temple bathing in the river and performing rites. Devotees from other states would be large in numbers during November and December months corresponding to Tamil Karthikai and Margazhi. Also special pujas are performed to the Lord and Goddess on English and Tamil New Year days, Pongal and Deepavali days.

           Here will be heavy crowd during new moon days and 18th of Adi Tamil month (July-August). Devotees offer pujas to Mother Cauvery with coconut, fruits, flowers, ear rings made of palm leaves, black pearls etc. It is a scene of great delight. Also those who bathe in the confluence spot of Cauvery and Bhavani rivers during the Solar and Lunar Eclipse attain salvation. They offer fine clothing to the Lord and the Goddess.


          In the month of Cithirai(Tamil month) celebrated three festivals.The first one is Tamil new year ,second one is New Moon day(cithira pornami ) is important days in this months.Of significant festival in this temple is "Cithirai Thiruvizha" alias "Bramotsawam" has been celebrated in a grand manner.It could be celebrated for 13 days and its a famous one for this temple.


          In this month Vaikasi Visagam is celebrated in murugan temple.


          The day of Aadi perruku is celebrated in a grand poojas and arachana's.The same celebration in Aadi ammavaasai(Full moon day) and Aadippuram in this temple.


          In this month Vinayakar sathurthi is celebrated and specialy for Kottai Vinayakar temple (in front of rajakopuram ) celebrated in a grand manner(Abhisegam&poojas).Other special poojas like Aavani Avitam,Varalaximi Viratham,Kokulasdami and Krishnajainthi.


          In this month Navarathiri pooja is celebrated for Vethanayaki amman Temple.This pooja is celebrated by nine days.In this month every saturday special pooja's for Perumaal.


          On the day of Deepavali celebrated with different poojas.The Kandhar Shasti festival is celebrated in Subramaniyar temple name as "Surashamgra Vizha" and the famous Annabhisegam procession for Sangameswarar celebrated on new moon day of this month.


          Karthikai Deepam festival is celebrated in Sivan temple and Perumaal Temple.Special poojas for Sangameswarar and Vethanayaki amman at the day of "Soma Vaaram".


          "Gowsiga Agathasi" is celebrated in sangameswarar temple."Vaikunda Agathasi" is celebrated in Aathikesavapperumaal Temple.


          Special day in this month is full moon day ,Thaipusam and Sangaranthi pongal.The day after Sangaranthi many people and their family's assembled at the place of "Anaithoppu" and eat food name as" cithira annam".


          Massi Maga Natsathiram and Sivaraathiri is very special for this temple.At the day of sivaraathiri arulmigu sangameswarar temple door open for 24 hrs.


          SriRama Navami is celebrated in Perumaal Temple.Panguni uttharam is very special(poojas) for Lord Murugan temple.

Other Special poojas

• Kiruthikai is celebrated at Murugan temple for every month.

• Friday's in tamil month Aadi and Thai (4 friday's) very special in Amman Temple.

• Thirivizhakku pooja is procession in every friday at Amman Temple.

• Special poojas for Amirthalingam and Sakasralingam at New moon day.