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Yercaud Hill Station

           Yercaud is a hill station near Salem , Tamil Nadu, and India in the Servarayan range (anglicized as Shevaroys) of hills in the Eastern Ghats . It is at an altitude of 1,500 metres (4,920 feet) from mean sea level. The town gets its name from the lake located at its center - in Tamil "Yeri" means "lake" and "Kaadu" means "forest". Yercaud is known for coffee plantations and orange groves. It also has an orchidarium run by the Botanical Survey of India. The highest point in Yercaud is the Servarayan temple, which is situated at a height of 5326 feet. Hence the Yercaud hill area is called Shevaroy Hills.

          Some of the original forests continue to exist in the Yercaud hills and contain several endemic species of plants and fauna. The Yercaud hills have many faunal and floral similarities to the Western Ghats . Wild life includes bison, deer, rabbits, hares, foxes, mongoose, squirrels, partridges, snakes, bulbuls, kites, sparrows, swallows and the bird of paradise. d "Kaadu" means "forest". Yercaud is known for coffee plantations and orange groves. It also has an orchidarium run by the Botanical Survey of India.

How To Reach

          Tamil Nadu Road Transport Corporation buses connect Yercaud with other major cities in the state. Regular bus services are available from Salem to Yercaud. It is well linked with major cities in India by deluxe luxurious tourist bus services. These buses connect Yercaud to Chennai (358 km), Bangalore (222 km) and Coimbatore (190 km).


          Hogenekkal has been a popular picnic as well as favourite shooting spot for many film scenes as well as songs. The gushing white waterfall and its scenic beauty have charmed people from all over and it?s always a delight to visit and frolic around this huge water body coupled with some magnificent rocks. Hogenakkal is situated at the borders of Karnataka at 46 km from Dharmapuri. In Hogenakkal the river Cauvery enters into Tamil Nadu as a big river with gushing waters. The water spreads for miles around and on these waters tourists can cruise around on country made dinghies (boats).

           The place derived its name from the water cascades that fall from a great height and resemble smoke. Thus the name Hogenakkal; which means ?Hoge? is smoke in Kannada and ?kal? is stone. So it basically means ?Smoking rocks?. You will find many people enjoying a refreshing bath here. But, while you enjoy the beauty of this place, just keep in mind a word of caution for this water fall has witnessed many an accident. So do watch your step while you immerse yourself in the wonder of this place.

How To Reach

          Hogenakkal is well connected to all major cities in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Deluxe bus services are available from Bangalore to Hogenakkal (133 km) and Salem to Hogenakkal (114 km). Bus charge is about Rs 3 per kilometer

Mettur Dam :

          Mettur is a small town in Salem District,Tamilnadu. Mettur, meaning 'town with crests and troughs', obtained its name owing to the uneven rocky nature of the land that makes the town an ideal place for Stanly Reservoir.

          Stanley Reservoir is one of largest reservoirs in India. Its source of water is the River Cauvery (Kaveri). Its total capacity is more than 90,000,000,000 cubic feet (90 tmc ft). The Stanley Reservoir is one of the largest of its kind in the world. It was completed in 1934. The total length of the dam is 1700 meters. The total area of the Dam is 40 Sq. mile (approx). The Mettur Hydro Electrical power project is also quite large. The dam, the park, the major hydroelectric power stations and hills on all sides make Mettur a good tourist attraction.

How To Reach :

          Mettur well connected to all major cities in Tamil Nadu. Deluxe bus services are available from Coimbatore,Chennai,Bangalore,Salem,Erode to Mettur .